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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Something's up at Seamless Piecing

It's someone's birthday. Can you guess who?

Yep it's ours!

Seamless Piecing is 2 years old this month.

So Happy Birthday to us.

I know we've struggled to keep up this year, but it's ok. We're still moving forward.

And for a special treat...

Blogger has given us a new challenge. A new format to figure out.

It's not my favorite thing, I don't love change.

But we'll deal with it and it will all work out eventually.

So what have you been sewing on?

I hope it's the Spectacular Savanna blocks.

Mr Hippo is here and isn't he adorable!  

I felt like he was the easiest of the critters to come together, but that may just be that I have more experience now than when I made the others.

So my only advice is just "git 'er dun!"

It's the last of the herd.

Now we get to make the habitat: leaves.

The leaves are all alike except the fabrics used. I sneak a peek ahead. She's got us doing strip piecing so that's a plus.

They should go together quick and easy.

So... ready, set, go leaves.

Let's talk about The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

There is SO much going on that I can't begin to cover it all... BUT...

The thing that is most important right now is that we're moving to a new platform.

I don't actually know what that means, but I do know it's a major undertaking.

Pattern Pastiche will be CLOSED  from August 6 - 13

So if you are following any of the groups or sew-alongs be sure to get over there and download what you need before Thursday.

I know I'll be lonely for my Pastiche friends and I'll need lots of sewing projects to occupy me.

I'll have a couple of blocks from the Simple Yet Elegant quilt by Cindy McCoy to keep me busy.

This is a simplified version of a Baltimore Album style quilt.

The first two blocks are still available so you are not behind if you join now.

Starstruck is a 20 block quilt along of all stars blocks that you have probably never seen.

It's designed and hosted by the amazing Bonny Peters.

The first block will go live August 5 and blocks will follow every 2 weeks until May. It's a beautiful quilt. Check it out.

Nan Baker is a designer of wonderful quilts that look more complicated than they actually are.

Her Final Spin quilt along will be coming up soon.

You'll need to be a subscriber of the magazine to join Nan's group.

Speaking of The Quilt Pattern Magazine....

A couple of my patterns are in the current issues.

We're at the half way point of the Rustic Queen Mystery. So you can still jump in but you'll need the June 2020 back-issue.

My Friendship Flowers quilt pattern is in the July 2020 issue. It's still available if you subscribe in August.

Friendship Flowers came about as part of the Design Challenge we did on Pattern Pastiche a few months back. The challenge for this quilt was to use a Friendship Star. Can you find it?

Autumn Entwined is a gorgeous pattern I have in the magazine in August 2020. My version is all Autumn colors but I love it in blue by Dottie Newkirk.

Autumn Entwined by Dottie Newkirk

Well friends, I hope you can stay busy with all this.

If you're not finding something awesome, you need to look around more. ;-]

See you soon.

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