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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Spectacular Savanna - Antelope to Zebra

I've gotten behind in my posts. Sorry.

I've finished the Gazelle (it's a type of Antelope, right?)  and the Zebra.

The Gazellle was much easier than I expected. I hate dealing with little pieces but Elizabeth 
(you remember Elizabeth Hartman, the designer)
made the instruction simple and let us use strip piecing for the horns. So the sewing was pretty straight forward.

Let's talk about batting ... batting eyelashes that is.

I've learned, after making several of these critters with eyelashes, that the eyelashes can end up wonky if you're not careful.

So... be careful.

When making eyelashes keep your seams straight when sewing and when pressing.

Otherwise you may find yourself un-stitching.

Which brings us to the Zebra

Zebra trivia: Zebra herds hang out with Wildebeest herds. Zebras can't run very fast. Wildebeest have very short memories. So when the lions come the herd starts running. The Zebras don't have to outrun the lions, just the wildebeest. Because the wildebeest will soon forget why they are running, they will stop and become lion lunch. Thus protecting the Zebras.

I didn't expect to have trouble with the Zebra block. It looked pretty straight forward and came together pretty nicely.

Except one place.

Well... one other place besides the wonky eyelashes.

Can you see it?

Yep. It's the pincers at the base of the muzzle.

Zebras, unlike arachnids, don't have pincers... normally. So why did mine?

I've held onto this block for several months. I put it in a box so I wasn't looking at it daily.

Often if you set things aside for a while the sewing fairy will come along and fix the problem so it doesn't bother you anymore. That didn't happen in this case.

The block was put away for a good long time but still no fairy.

At first I thought it would be an easy fix. Just make the forehead piece a bit longer.

But then I decided if I'm rebuilding it I need to fix the eyelashes.

In the end it was easier to fix the pincers than the eyelashes but it all got done in the end.

One suggestion, if you are using this "Adventure" fabric by Elizabeth Hoffman. Fussy cut the strips for the forehead so they are all cut from the same part of the fabric. I'm still deciding if I can live with the right piece looking different than the other two.

Enough about me...

What are you sewing these days?

Here's what's happening at Pattern Pastiche and The Quilt Pattern Magazine

I've just finished tops for 2 "mystery" quilt patterns from The Quilt Pattern Magazine. The reveal for Trellis happened in June. The new one, Rustic Queen, is running currently. It began in June (so it's still accessible through July with your subscription.) and will reveal in October. Both the quilt designs were products of the Design Challenge Workshop that wrapped up earlier this year. More like these will be presented in the magazine, some as mystery quilts and some as stand-alone patterns.
Trellis mystery - TQPM April - June 2020

The Baskets and More Baskets group is winding down. This Friday will be the final installment with assembly instructions. If  you missed any of the basket patterns, the entire set will be available for a small fee.

UFO week is coming! July 19-25, 2020. It's my favorite week on Pattern Pastiche. It's a whole week to work on your projects that for one reason or another have been put aside without being finished. There will be a score card for each participant to keep track of their brownie points. (UFO = UnFinished Objects) I'll be starting the week by binding the Step Ladder quilt by Jordan Fabrics.  I made mine for this blog post a good while back, but it remains unbound. (No subscription is required for this event. Brownies not included.)
The Baltimore Album style applique quilt, Simple Yet Elegant, will begin on July 21, 2020. The materials list is available now. You can choose your preferred style of applique. I plan to use this one.

Also coming soon on Pattern Pastiche is a sew-along hosted by the awesome designer Bonny Peters of Cat Den Mountain Quilts. The Starstruck quilt has 20 star blocks. None of them are your plain old run of the mill stars. These are amazing stars that will make your quilting friends take notice. The materials list is available now though the BOM won't begin until August 5, 2020.

If you haven't subscribed to TQPM/Pattern Pastiche yet you are missing out.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is an online, monthly magazine where I publish some of my designs.
AND... it's not just a magazine. It's also a delightful, private, online community called Pattern Pastiche. Some of the best and nicest quilters around hang out there along with others, like me, who just want to rub shoulders with them.

It's a safe place to ask questions and get mentoring from those who know and care.
AND... If you go there from here you can use a special discount code just for Seamless Piecing readers. Here's the link. The code is: SP

See you soon

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