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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Part and Parcel Mystery Sew-along Part 8 and Reveal

CONGRATULATIONS! We made it to the END of the Mystery!

Today we'll have the Big Reveal and the top will be finished!

Too many !!!!s ? Sorry, I'm just very excited.

If you are just joining us, WELCOME! You'll want start with the Introduction and Strip Stash cutting instructions.

Here's a schedule. Follow the treasure map to previous posts:

Give yourself extra brownie points (or Brownies!) and write in the comment section below if you know why this is Corporal Klinger's favorite section. 

Hopefully you know the drill by now, so I won't write out all the instructions. This is the last block before assembly! WooHoo!!

Sorry, I'll try to control the !!!s.

For Section 8 you'll need the following strips from the Strip Stash:
Fabric 1) none
Fabric 2) none
Fabric 3) 2 strips @  3 1/2"
Fabric 4) none
Fabric 5) 1 strip @  4 1/2"
Fabric 6) 1 strip @ 2 1/2"
Fabric 7) none
Border fabric) 9 Strips @ 4 1/2"
Binding) 9 strips @  2 1/2"

Cross-cutting Section 8

Fab 1) none

Fab 2) none

Fab 3) 2 @ 3 1/2" x 32 1/2",  2 @ 3 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Fab 4) none

Fab 5)  1 @  4 1/2" x 26 1/2"

Fab 6)   1 @  2 1/2" x  32 1/2", 

Fab 7) none

Border) Sew the 9 strips together using straight joins. Press the seams open. Fold gently, without creasing, and set aside for now.

Binding) Sew the 9 strips together using a diagonal join. Press the seams open. Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise, pressing as you go. Roll the binding loosely and put it in a safe place for now.

Sew the Block
Section 8 has 1 block.

Block 1
The Corporal Klinger Block

Center: 1 Fab 5 @ 4 1/2" x 26 1/2"

Round 1: sew 2 Fab 3 - 3 1/2" x  4 1/2" rectangles to the short ends of the center.
Sew 2 Fab 3 - 3 1/2" x  32 1/2" strips to the top and bottom of the block.

Spacer: Sew 1 Fab 6 - 2 1/2" x 32 1/2" strips to the bottom of the block. Press to the Spacer strip.

Block 1 should measure  32 1/2" x 12 1/2".

That's all the blocks. Let's build a quilt!

Press in the direction you think is best except as noted. There are only a few seams that match up for nesting. You can figure that out as we go along.

Gather all your blocks and sections.

They should all be labeled with their respective section numbers at the top left corner, making assembly a snap since we don't have to figure out which way is up.

Sections 1 and 2 are already sewn together. Set them aside for now with a label in the top left corner.
Right side. (Thanks for your help, Ruby.)

Sew Section 3 to the top of Section 4. Then sew Section 5 to the bottom of section 4. Press to section 5. Keep a label at the top right corner of this large unit and set it aside. This unit will be the right side of the quilt.

I know that light blue looks teal, which is kind of cool. But it's really baby blue.

Left side

Sew Section 7 Block 3 to the top of section 6. Label the top left corner.

Sew Section 7 Block 1 to the bottom of Section 7 Block 2. Press to Block 2. Sew this unit to the right side of the of the Section 6 unit.

Sew the Section 8 block (aka the Corporal Klinger Block) to the top of the large section 6/7 you just created. This unit will be the left side of the quilt.

Ready for borders. (You be you, Ruby!)

Sew the right side of the quilt to the left side of the quilt. There will be 3 seams to nest.

Now sew the Section 1-2 unit to the top of the quilt. The center should now measure 64 1/2" x 88 1/2".

At this size the quilt is a good twin size. If that's what you want, quilt it, bind and enjoy.

I'm adding borders for a Full/Queen size.

Add a border... or don't.... You get to choose!

From the very long 4 1/2" border strip that was joined earlier, cut 2 strips at 88 1/2".  Sew the strips to the sides of the quilt. Press to the border.
TIP: For flat, not wavy, borders, measure the quilt in 3 places, not the edges. Measure top to bottom for length, and side to side for width. Average those measurements to determine the actual size of the quilt. If those measurements are differ from the ones stated in the pattern, use yours.
Part and Parcel Ready to Quilt
From the remaining border strip, cut the top and bottom borders to 72 1/2". Sew the strips to the top and bottom of the quilt. Press to the border.

Your quilt should now measure 72 1/2" x 96 1/2" or close to that.

Give the whole quilt top a light mist of starch and press well until all the seams are flat and happy.

Lightly starch and press the backing fabric.

Sandwich, quilt and bind as you like. Here's a link to my favorite binding method.

Custom quilting would really rock this quilt with all it's open Parts and Parcels. (See what I did there?) But, as that is not in my skill set or budget, my Part and Parcel was quilted with an allover meander.

Here's the final result.
I had other pics of the finished project, but there's nothing like a pic of the grandbabe demonstrating the proper use of a Slip 'n Slide on Grandma's new quilt.

And it's much better than the pic of Ruby dragging the quilt away in an effort to start up a game of keep-away. That dang dog!

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See you next time!


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  1. RB, your quilt looks great!!! If I remember right, Corporal Klinger was always dressing up as a woman, so that he could get out of the Army on a "Section 8" charge for being crazy. I would love to make your quilt someday, just really busy with other projects right now. This was a great mystery quilt to follow along on.--- Kathryn

  2. WE HAVE A WINNER! You are exactly right, Kathryn. This is Corporal Klinger's favorite section because it's "Section 8". I loved the M*A*S*H series. When I was in college the student center would be standing room only during the half-hour MASH was on. All the TVs would be tuned in. I always thought it funny how many students, like myself, scheduled classes around THAT show.


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