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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

8 Precut Friendly, Free Quilt Patterns From the Web

I finally broke down and joined the local quilt guild!

The July activity was a quilt fair with classes, demos, vendors and a garage sale.

I talked my sister into joining with me and we had a great time at the fair.

Sis won a beautiful charm pack as a door prize. Since she didn't know what she'd do with it... she offered it to me. I didn't have to be convinced to take it!

If  you have precuts, but don't know what to do with them, try one or two of these pretty quilts.

Charmed I'm Sure from AQS

Isn't this quilt as charming as it can be with it's mini Jacob's ladder blocks and alternating Rail units.

Nice soft colors but plenty of punch in the texture.

And charm pack friendly!

 Jumbo Hashtag - SewCanShe.com

Hashtags are everywhere!

Caroline Critchfield has done it again with her modern and simple hash tag quilt.

I love quilts with giant blocks. This beginner friendly, quilt uses fat quarters to make the 18" blocks.

Follow the link to see the ADORABLE fabric she used on the back. It will make EWE happy.

 Ribbons quilt by Jordan Fabrics

It's no secret I love the look of woven quilts. Donna at Jordan Fabric has hooked me again with the Ribbons Quilt.

By strategically arranging the ribbon weave throughout the blocks she has added just the right amount of interest while keeping the pattern beginner friendly.

She used a 10" layer cake to get the scrappy look.

And that border! A perfect finish to this simple to sew quilt.

No Bake Jolly bar quilt

Never heard of a Jolly Bar?

Jolly Bars are precut fabrics that measure
5" x 10". Like half a layer cake. You can get yours at the Fat Quarter shop.

Caroline Critchfield of  SewCanShe stirred up this sweet Christmas version of the No Bake Jolly Bar quilt.

I've only recently become acquainted with Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts.

I love her teaching style. Her videos are easy to watch and leave me feeling like I took my dog for a virtual walk. ;-]
In this video she also plugs the Skillshare platform. But it's not long or obnoxious. In fact, you may want to check it out!
There's a link in the video to the pattern, but her awesome explanation gives you all the information you need to make this cute quilt. The Little Geniuses quilt is fat quarter friendly and resembles the Disappearing 9-Patch without the... you know... disappearing 9-patch.

It also has the advantage of being 40" wide. That means you don't have to piece a back. And you know how much I love that feature!

Fat Quarter Shop
SnowBall Shortcut quilt

Sorry about the poor resolution of the photo but sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do.

This short cut to the classic Snow Ball quilt is fat quarter friendly and will have you bundled up for warmth in no time.

Make the quilt with flannel, add a mug of cocoa, and you're set for an epic snow battle.

One of the most beautiful scenes of Autumn is watching geese migrate in their V formation, each cheering on the others.

For me, it's also one of the melancholy things because it's a signal that Summer is gone and Old Man Winter will be knocking on the door before we know it.

I love this Migrating Geese quilt by Robert Hoffman Fabrics because they've used bright colors to let me enjoy one last blast of summer.

The pattern asks for fat quarters in double ombre. If you can't find those, look into using a layer cake.

Moda - United notions
Sewing Box  

The fat quarter friendly Sewing Box quilt may not look beginner friendly, but if you have an precision craft knife and feel a little brave, it's not as challenging as it looks.

The instructions are a single page followed by all the templates. Easy! Maybe we should call it "Confindent beginner friendly".

Either way the results are cute as a button.

Whatever your appetite, there's a precut fabric to satisfy it!

Go ahead and dig right in!

Don't forget to share a link to the blog and invite your friends to get their fat quarters in gear and make some charming quilts. Tell them there will be layer cakes and Jolly bars! They'll come.

Remember the patterns on the blog are copyrighted so please share just the link, not the patterns.

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See you next time!


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  1. Thank you RB, for these great free quilt patterns. I think my precuts are multiplying when I'm not looking. I will save these to try later. Jelly rolls also sneak up on me; they just roll right into my cart.

  2. I understand what you mean about pre-cuts multiplying! It's hard to use them up faster than they can follow you home. In the next months I'll try to share some patterns that use precuts. I have a couple of layer cakes and FQ stacks that keep looking at me with sad eyes.


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