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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How To-Do Like the Big Kids Do

Imagine your favorite successful person.

Warren Buffett?
Oprah Winfrey?
Jenny Doan?

It doesn't have to be a wealthy person, just someone you admire and consider to be successful.

Close your eyes for a minute or so and visualize a typical day for that person.

No, really! Close your eyes and visualize...

How does their day start?
What do they eat for breakfast?
What does their “work day” look like?

After you've taken a really good look into a “normal” day for that successful person...

Open your eyes...

Write down everything you saw written on that person's To-Do list.

In order to be successful, that person surely must have lists everywhere, pages and pages of them!

They must have master lists, and short term lists derived from the master list and breakdown lists by topic or activity.

WHAT?!? you didn't see a list?

Your visual of the successful person didn't include a notebook full of scratched off items?!?

Are you sure? Do you need to go back and look again?

Because...DUDE! Ask anyone... Success comes from making a list and checking it twice!

Even Santa Claus knows that.

Making a list, checking it twice

I recently read an article outlining 2 things to do when your entire house is a mess.

I read a lot of listicals about housekeeping:
83 things you can throw out today
50 ways to leave your clutter
100 things you never thought about cleaning

So when I found an article that promised only 2 things to do, I was intrigued.

The gist of the article was to:
  1. walk through your house with notepad in hand writing down everything that bugs you.
  2. From the notes you took, write a master to-do list for each item.


I see several flaws in that plan:
  1. Writing everything down that bugs me would take days, weeks, years maybe.
  2. A master to-do list derived from item 1 would require a small rain forest worth of paper.
  3. The plan suggests no further action than writing the lists. I guess the author thought awareness would create the action.

Measure the gain, not the gap. ~Ben Hardy

I've spent the last week cleaning my sewing room. Yep... an entire week.

It's not perfect, the closet still needs a lot of attention... and the desk... and the shelves....

But, in spite of what it still needs, right now it's the cleanest room in the house, and as a special treat ... there's floor space, enough to nap on! That's something new in this room.

But here's the real kicker...

At no time did I write a list about what needed to be done. I just did it.

I follow a lot of bloggers.

I follow mostly quilting blogs. I also read a few housekeeping blogs.

But my guilty pleasure are productivity bloggers. Not because I AM productive, but because I WANT TO BE productive.

I follow 3 in particular:

I like to read Darius' work because he speaks to my simple lifestyle. One thing I learned from him is to value results over methods.

"Just make sure you value effectiveness over everything. Results matter. Get things done and move on to the next thing.”

Value results over planning? That's a novel concept!

Don't get me wrong. I'm a planner. I can (and have) spent days making plans to clean my house, build a quilt and improve my blog.

You should see my Fly Lady binder! It's a thing of beauty. The winged pig on the front keeps it real. But is my house more organized? Not a whit.

My goal now is to plan less, do more. "Get things done and move on to the next thing."

I may write 10 quilting goals for a month, but I try not to work on more than a couple of things at once. I'm not good at multitasking. In point of fact, I don't believe anyone is. It's just not possible to be committed to two things at the same time.

I'm an absolute believer that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. But I don't think a bite-by-bite plan is useful. One or two bites ahead is all I need.

The primary goal is to identify your MIT.

What's an MIT?

We're not talking about that high value educational establishment.

MIT stands for your Most Important Task: What do you need to accomplish NOW so that you can move on to the next thing?

Your MIT will change throughout the day, week and year. You may even have several MITs depending upon what role you're in.

Your MIT at work won't be the same as your MIT when you are with your family or friends.

When you know your what your MIT is, you can move toward getting the result you desire.

Take a minute and think about your MIT for today. Just one task.

What is the most important thing you need to do after closing this post.

I'm not talking about the minutiae you “need” to do: dishes, laundry, blah, blah and blah. If those things don't get done for a day or two, I promise your world will barely notice.

“Get things done and move on to the next thing.” Just make sure the next thing is the MIT that will impact your future self and loved ones in a positive way.

I wish you the very best!

We'll be back to the the Part and Parcel Mystery Sew-along Section 6 next week. We're so close!

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