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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Have You Met Amy Smart?

I was at a family event recently and overheard my brother relating an incident which required name  dropping of several people I didn't know. I wanted to ask who the people were but others in the group were acting duly impressed so I resisted ruining the flow of the story.

I leaned to his daughter, my niece, and whispered, "How long has your dad been a name dropper? That's never been his thing."

She whispered back: "He picked it up from [another relative]. But... It's not who YOU know, it's who knows YOU."

I thought that was very wise and we giggled a little.

So here goes my name drop:

Have you met Amy Smart, the awesome quilt and fabric designer, Craftsy instructor, author and blogger? 

She is such a close friend of mine that she, herself, gave me her card and I keep it on my inspiration board.

You see? There it is on the upper right.

If you have not had the pleasure of her acquaintance, I can tell you, as one of her closest friends, she is adorable.

[Insert awkward silence here]

OK, I'll come clean ... only part of that is true. I really have met her, she really is adorable, talented and (dare I say...) Smart, and that really is her card... from like...years ago when she did a trunk show at my Local Quilt Store.

However, as my niece declared... It's not who you know, It's who knows you.

I really need to practice name dropping. I'm not good at it.

So the truth is:

Amy Smart wouldn't know me from Adam... Or Eve, as the case may be.

Not even if I told her we'd met before, or where, or when.

Nevertheless, I follow her blog and enjoy knowing what she's up to... not in a stalker sort of way.

Now, because it's a season of giving, I'm going to pass along this lovely pattern chosen especially for me by my dear friend, Amy Smart. ...  OK! so she sent it to everyone on her email list. That doesn't make it less beautiful.

To make this quilt, Amy has combined prints from her first two fabric lines, Gingham Girls and Sunnyside Avenue, which were designed to coordinate together. I love them both and each.

She has written tutorials for each of the 5 star blocks used, as well as the Irish Chain block.

Although I love the look of Irish Chain quilts, I've never been brave enough to try one. They always seem like too many bits, and you know how I feel about bits.

But, I'll make an exception in this case. I see one of these in my future.

After all, the pattern was a gift from a long time friend. ... or whatever.

Here's the link to Amy's Blog, Diary of a Quilter.
And one to the Free Pattern.

The link to the free pattern also has links to Amy's  awesome tutorials for the blocks.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Joy in whatever you celebrate this year.

I wish for Peace on Earth and good will towards all.

We all need to feel the warmth of friendship, and a nice quilt, as we face the impending Winter.

When you click over to Amy's blog to thank her for the beautiful gift, don't forget to tell her RaeLyn at Seamless Piecing sent you! 😊

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Or you can email me directly: RB.seamlesspiecing@gmail.com

PS. There's a Facebook Page where you can show off your beautiful Star Sampler Quilt.

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