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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Shameless Plug and a Coupon code

In the spirit of national talk like a pirate day, which comes each 19th day of Septembarrrrr, I'll be askin' ye all ta listen up and put forth yarrrr attention ta the followin'.

 If'n ye think ta ignore the warrrrnin', ya'll be wishin' ta walk the plank further on. Avast ye lubbers, Read on! Arrrrr!

 OK, enough of that....


Notice: This post is a shameless plug for my favorite online quilt magazine and online community of friendly quilters. All skill levels welcome.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is an online magazine for quilters and sewing enthusiasts. Each monthly issue has patterns for quilts and variety of other fabric projects, mystery projects, blocks of the month, book reviews and other quilting goodness, including a gallery of finished projects for inspiration. Every issue has something for quilters or sewists from all skill levels. Every pattern has been tested for accuracy. For me, that's a huge bonus!

My personal favorite part about TQPM is the online members community, Pattern Pastiche. You can join discussion groups based on projects in the magazine, as well as exclusive projects found just on the website, or start your own discussion if you like. It is an extremely safe and positive place where quilters from around the globe generously help other quilters improve their craft, and occasionally navigate life's challenges as well.

Are you interested in getting your own patterns published? There is a discussion group to walk you through that process as well.

Of course, there is a chat room. It's open all the time. The scheduled live chat times are a great way to ask questions, make quilty friends from around the world, share what you are working on, and generally get whatever support you need.

Now, about that treasure map coupon code....

I also encourage you to spend some time on Bonny Peters' site, Cat Den Mountain Quilts. Bonny is a regular contributor to The Quilt Pattern Magazine. She has a wonderful concept she's developed, designing beautiful quilts that use 1 yard each of 5 fabrics. She is a very clever designer. Below is a sneak peek of her Intersections quilt. Can you find the blocks we made in last week's Partial Seams tutorial? I told you Bonny's designs were clever!

Tip: If you snoop around Bonny's Project Journal you just might find a coupon code to join TQPM at a discount. Just sayin'...

If you are interested in the Intersections pattern or viewing the whole, finished quilt, back issues of TQPM are available to subscribers of the magazine. You'll need to purchase May - August of 2018. That's like buying one pattern and getting 30ish others for free! What a deal! Almost like piracy.

Don't forget to FOLLOW this blog! You'll be bewitched by next week's FREE pattern.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can put them in the comments below, or you can contact me directly at RB.seamlesspiecing@gmail.com

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