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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Welcome to Seamless Piecing!

There's a Free Quilt Pattern! Just like I promised.
The Sassy Sudoku Quilt will follow as it as it's own post so it will be easy for you to find later.

Thanks for stopping by!  

My name is RaeLyn Boothe. I go by RB online whenever possible because, frankly, "RaeLyn Boothe" is just too hard to spell. I'm a quilter, raised by a quilter who was raised by a quilter. You get the picture. But my stubborn heart couldn't admit I was a quilter for a long time. Oh, I made a few quilts here and there, but I just didn't embrace it... until I found out I was going to be a grandma for the first time.

Grandbabies change everything!

In 2014 I found myself standing in Joann fabric store ... without my mother. No one was more surprised than I was! Soon after, I purchased a beautiful sewing machine and not long after that came Quilting Frames, with another machine on board. We've just welcomed grandbaby #5, and #6 will arrive in just a few weeks so the machines have been humming.

Enough history. Let's talk piecing.

Earlier this year when we learned we were getting our 1st grandbaby girl, I knew I wanted to make her a hexagon quilt. I'd been hoarding a beautiful Riley Blake bundle, just waiting for the right little girl. I've found that I'm not a fan of cutting piles of little bits of fabric only to have to square up blocks after they are sewn because I didn't get the angle just right. That about summed up my feelings about hexagons. After mulling the problem for days, I woke up one morning having dreamed about a technique that would eliminate all the nonsense and produce the quilt I was hoping for. I wasn't sure the technique would work, it came from a dream after all! But after a day of testing and tinkering, I knew I'd found something that would rock my quilting world! Since that time, I've had idea after idea of quilts to make using this simple technique. I would not have considered making these quilts before.

I'm happy to share this technique with you. You don't have to love it like I do, I'm ok with that. I just hope it can be a light bulb moment for someone else and open up a whole new world of angles. 

The Fine Print

I'm not affiliated with any third party, so if I recommend a product it's because I use it and love it. (Even if I become an affiliate sometime down the road, I'll only recommend products that I believe will add value to your life.) Seamless Piecing blog will be a work in progress while I figure out what works and what I need to learn. I plan to post on Wednesdays but there may be times when I post more often, or less often. Please follow by email so you don't miss anything.

I promise to try to add value to your life in everything I present here.

Leave a comment if you like. I'd love to hear about how you came to quilting.


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  1. I too became a quilter when my sister was pregnant. I had fought this desire for awhile thinking quilters are for old ladies. At the time I started I was young, now I may be consider an old lady at the ripe old age of 52 years. I remember approaching a "friend" and asking if she would help me learn to quilt and hand applique'. At that time she declined me, but now we are quilting buddies when I am able to find ans make the time.
    I love the art of quilting being able to imagine and create something useful and sometimes beautiful. Thanks for starting this Blog and offering your knowledge and sharing your ideas.


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