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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Welcome 2021 with a Pineapple Quilt

And Good Riddance to 2020.

Aloha 2021

The last week of December I had the flu and lost a tooth crown.

My son said it was 2020's way of giving me one last "One finger wave" as it went out the door.

I wish I didn't believe him. Is time actually spiteful?

Aloha to a New Year and New Sew Along

It's time to move on to a new year and a new quilt. 

The last few months I've been sewing along with Cindy McCoy at Pattern Pastiche making her Simple Yet Elegant  Baltimore album style quilt. It's sort of a Baltimore Album for beginners.

The sew along will end early February, but you can still get the pattern for a small fee.

It's been really fun as well as challenging.

Four of the blocks are Hawaiian Style applique.

I've always wanted to learn to do Hawaiian applique but never had the right motivation.

Now I've done it and I really feel good about how it turned out. It was so much fun I decided I really wanted to design a quilt using the technique.

That particular pattern is somewhere between my gray matter and my sketch book. It's not quite ready to be a sew along yet. Maybe later in the year.

Did you know Pineapples are the international symbol of hospitality?

As I was researching Hawaiian applique and all things pineapple, I came across the Pineapple Punch quilt by Kimberly Einmo.

I've been a fan of Kimberly's for a while, I really love her artistry. It just speaks to my soul and makes me happy.

When I saw THIS quilt, It took about 3 seconds for me to buy and download the pattern. 

Next stop was Marshall's Dry Goods where I bought WAY too much fabric in blenders of green, gold and pink with just a kiss of orange. (Why orange? Because... orange!) 

MDG is a great place to get great fabric starting under $4.00 a yard. And there's free shipping if you get carried away like I did. ( I'm not an affiliate, I just love them.) You'll even have enough to make my Hawaiian tribute quilt... that is ... if it ever falls out of my brain and into a pattern. 

The point is...

This year I'll be sewing Kimberly Einmo's Pineapple Punch Quilt and I'd love to have you sew along.

I won't share the pattern, you'll need to buy that from Kimberly, or wherever, but I'll share my successes and failures and things I learn as I follow the pattern.

I'll share in a block of the month style. That way it will be broken down into about 9-ish installments and you can have it finished by Christmas 2021. 

If you buy fabric the way I did, you can make 2 at a time. One for you and one for a quilt worthy friend.

My plan for Jan...uary, that is.

This month, January 2021, I'll be sewing the fused pineapples.

There are just 3 of them and they are simple machine applique. 


It can be finished in an afternoon.

But wait! There's more.

I'm thinking about quilting this as a quilt-as-you-go project.

My machine quilting is ... uh... let's call it ... rudamentary. (That's a kind way of saying "Not Good." But I really want to learn.)

If you want to learn with me (or laugh at my beginner-ish-ness) jump on in with me.

Maybe you'll have tips for me, I'll happily recieve your suggestions.

Let me know in the comments if you will be sewing along and if you are interested in quilting as we go.





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